11 August 2006

He dances with the paintbrushes on the bodies of the dancers and dancers and transforms them in the subjects of night clubs.

The big speciality on the stages of museums, galleries and club is to transform a woman of the head in feet, the public can see evolving in front his creation. After the performance. The public in the Museum, Theater can be transformed from Youri the bodyart painter.

He is very known in the nights in the "Amnesia", "MAD" in Lausanne, "Club Garage" St.Moritz, "E-Werk" Berlin, "Village" New York, "Escola do Samba do Salvador" Carnaval de Rio de Janeiro 1988, Moa Club Geneva. Company : Philip Morris, 24Heures, Société de Banque Suisse, Feldschlossen Bier etc...., where the public offer their body for a total transformation at the rate of the music of the DJ's.

With the suitcases of biologic make-ups, Youri showed his pictorial talents on bodies in London to Amsterdam, from Götenburg to Caracas, New York to Buenos-Aires and Berlin and by way to "Century Fox Film".

Of numerous women offered their bodies to the Bodyart-Painter " Youri " to be transformed. Youri never paints the same work on a body, he has already reproduced thousand original paintings on the alive skins. An original painting is ephemeral of one night.

More than 2000 women painted, over the world..

He reproduces not only the paintings on the body in clubs, he is also invited by European museums, galleries, international company, Montreux Jazz Festival 2006, Paléo Festival Nyon 2006 and Art Events to present the live art.


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